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Cats vs. Dogs, The Great Debate continues…

Let’s narrow this down to a lifestyle choice. When deciding to bring a pet into your life, there is first (usually,) the decision to make about what type of pet. What species is best for your lifestyle? Put aside that not all pet- parent are planned parenthoods, what factors go into choosing a pet type?

Pretend for moment that money isn’t an option. We’ll simplify it and only consider the time. How much time do you want from your pet? How much time to you want to invest in them?

To go to the extreme, it’s fair to say a Beta fish has different care-taking time requirements than a horse. But do horse owners want that time with their horses? Did they choose the horse because they ENJOY the time required to properly care for their equine friend? On the other hand, I have met many salt water fish enthusiast or the extreme fresh water fans that testify to the quality time together and swear the tank maintenance is a minor price to pay for what they get out of enjoying the fish.

Back to our debate. The debate between Cats and Dogs.  Which fits your lifestyle best and why?

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