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Our battle, Dogs vs. Cats, makes mainstream media

Flipping the channels the other day on the t.v., I came across an title that grabbed my attention, Dogs Vs. Cats.  It was Animal Planet.  Apparently they are also posing the question this month, Which is better?  They broke the show into rounds/ categories and pitted the animals against each other.

Here are the seven categories in which the fur fighters were challenged:

  1. Companionship
  2. Athleticism
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Intelligence
  5. Beauty
  6. Expense
  7. History

Now, as with anything on mainstream t.v. or primetime, I caution the viewer to beware of the clear slants and biases in some categories.  I recall in one challenge, they didn’t even try to get a dog to do it, clearly a producer favored cats in that segment.

Another note of caution, for my veterinary health advocates/ professional friends, if you want to watch, you might want to close your eyes when they offer a cat 30 pounds of tuna and a dog 30 pounds of bacon.  Can we say acute pancreatitis (among other things?!)

For pure educational value, I would have to rate this one a bit low.  The build up and attempt at drama for the show outweighed animal safety or a true representation of the species.  However, if you can forgive the horrible antics, the bias/ slanted producing and enjoy the show, it’s a great opportunity to laugh at how the other half lives with and loves their pets.  There are some great statistics about dogs and cats including a bit of history about each and their relationships with humans.

In a world with 600 million cats and 400 million dogs, which side will you choose?

Who lives in your home?

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