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California Pet lovers- Get your plates!

October 28, 2010 1 comment

California Spay and Neuter License Plate

Why don’t you have your plates yet?  The state of California has offered an alternative.  They’ve offered us a way to support our pets, support spaying and neutering without imposing mandatory regulations.

This is not a mandatory regulation, but a cost displacement for individual communities to offer free subsidized services.  The public may not know this, but many veterinarians donate their time to hours upon hours of spay/ neuter clinics that are either free or low cost to the public.  The challenge is in the supplies, space and anesthesia for these procedures.  If you know anything about a neuter, you may think it’s virtually costless if the veterinarian’s time is donated- and it certainly can be.  The challenge is when you’re looking at hundreds of animals.  We’re talking about shelter intake animals, catch and release ferrel programs, not to mention the numerous pet parents trying to afford to do the right thing.

I was proud as a member of the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA,) when they withdrew support of mandatory spay/ neuter legislation as a result of the opposition from member veterinarians.  (

As a veterinary professional, as a pet owner, as a concerned fancier and advocate for small animals I am generally in favor of spaying and neutering.  I believe that not many, but most pets should ultimately be altered.  I also believe that when the animal is altered needs to be a personal and private decision between pet owner and veterinarian.  Dog owners especially, are used to the many debates and research in the area of altering animals too early and the potential life-long health risks and side effects.  This is just one of the many reasons for the control to remain in the hands of the individuals.

We all know there are bad, irresponsible pet owners out there.  These are the people that leave poop in the neighborhood yards, with no consideration for the person who is dedicated to weeding and caring for that landscape or the children that play in the yard.  These are the people that don’t pay any attention to their dogs when interacting with others at dog parks or public areas, ultimately shutting these areas down for responsible dog owners.  These are the people whose unaltered cats litter neighborhoods with kittens and have no regard or even awareness for the consequence.

Unfortunately these people will always be there.  I believe that by offering education for those willing to listen perhaps negligence as a result of miseducations or in-awareness can be resolved.  That would then leave us with the smaller population of people that are going to serve themselves.  These people will operate outside any laws we establish or not, they are not the typical pet parent.

Order your plates today to help keep the government out of your home, out of your pet-parenting decisions and doing what they do best, collecting vehicle tax fees.


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