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The how-to’s of Animal Hospice support

Animal Hospice, as it is defined and practiced for Animal RN, is a philosophy rather than a place or a strategy.  What does that mean for real life support for families?  It’s great to agree on a credo and hold lofty ideas about comfort and quality of life.  The real challenges come where the rubber meets the road and there is a family needing help and support.

You don’t have to be a DVM or a licensed technician to support a family in animal hospice and palliation; a compassionate volunteer or friend can help in many ways.  The licensed and professional roles are important and necessary for oversight and  guidance.  It takes only a kind ear to listen, a steady shoulder to cry on and a helpful hand to change bedding or freshen up a water bowl.

I recently came across a great article and video originally posted July 2010.  If you’re looking for information on the beginnings of Animal Hospice as an actual field and specialty- it’s a great start.  What I’d like to focus in on today is the brief clip of the dog, Buster in the video.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Take a look at the video here (the link is at the top of the article.)
  • What do you think, just from what you see in the video of Buster and her guardian, would be ways to support them via Animal Hospice?
  • Leave your comments below and we’ll share and review Animal RN’s recommendation in a followup post later this week.
For more information on Animal Hospice and to be at the fore front of developing standards of care and education around the option and how to implement care see http://www.iaahpc.org.  The International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care is the first organization of it’s kind, integrating pet parents, pet care professionals and veterinary practitioners for an interdisciplinary approach to pet hospice support.

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