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Lost Dog, Reward – please call

What would you do if your dog or cat went missing?  Do you have any identification to help reconnect you and how well do you expect it to work?

Depending on how our dogs and cats come into our lives, many of us are warned of the possibility of them being euthanized or otherwise in danger if they get away from us and we are not able to reconnect quickly enough.  For example a local shelter has a hold of 4 days for animals found before they are evaluated for possible rehoming, transfer or euthanasia.

We’re working on a review and comparison of the various ways people attempt to identify their pets in case of an emergency.

There are 3 most common formats for identifying your pets.  We’ve been looking at the benefits and disadvantages of each of these.  We’re considering cost, effectiveness, and overall convenience.  To get us started, please vote in our poll to let us know which format(s) you have used.

We’ll be looking at:

  • The standard collar and tags
  • Microchips
  • and Tattoos

Vote today(Link) and check back here for the results of the poll and the new information that may change your mind about how you protect yourself and your pets.

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