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Find your missing pet by snail mail?

I classify my mail into 4 categories and deal with them according to priority.  1-bills, payments and personal notes, 2-items that appear to be junk, but may be of interest to me, 3-catalogs, magazines and the like I want to review at my leisure and 4-obvious junk.

The appears-to-be-junk is placed in a certain box on my desk for mindless review.  I usually will go thru this type of mail when I find myself on a painfully long hold with a major telephone service provider or a human medical care provider.  This was the fate of a certain piece of mail I recently received.

The article was obviously a standard, 8.5″ by 11″ piece of paper that had been folded in half.   It was sent at full price, first class postage rate with machine generated address, return address and postage.  Sounds like junk mail, a solicitation, right?

For this special piece of mail, I was opening it thirteen days after it’s postmark.  I can’t say that’s unusual for something that was inches from the junk pile in my mind.   When I opened it, I was immediately sorry it hadn’t looked more personal to get my attention.   The note read:

Lost Dog

Zeus (2yrs) Lost 4/6/2011”

There was a photo of Zeus.   It was a blurry side profile of a dog that MAY have been tan and white and may have had some noteworthy markings on his paws and tail or they may have been from the reproduction of the flyer or poor photo quality.

The flyer then offered

Breed: Chihuahua mix

Sex: M

Color: White/Fawn

Wt: 5.7lbs

Last Seen: Starview Dr., Santa Rosa, Ca

Details: Lucia lost her dog “Zeus” on 04.16.2011. You can also view this lost pet info at lostmydoggie.com


*Please photocopy and post around the area.

If you have any information please contact Lucia at



If you know me, you know, I was all over this.  I immediately called the owner to find out if the dog was still missing and if I could help, I left a message on her voicemail.  I got on the website and confirmed on their list that Zeus was still listed as a missing dog and thereby found how much “Lucia” paid to have these flyers sent out to pet businesses and or neighbors.

For me this reopened the can of worms, what is the best way to ID your pets?  Zeus didn’t have tags, a microchip or a tattoo and yet this woman found a service to help her expedite finding her pet.  Even if the service fails, just expanding your reach quickly can feel productive to someone that’s desperately searching for a pet.  I could see the appeal, but wondered about it’s effectiveness.

I’ll share what I’ve muddled thru in an effort to find the best options and the best plan B’s for the worst case scenarios for our precious pets.

In the meantime, for those that are dying to know:

• In doing this research, I found the company’s Facebook page.  While the site was not updated, the Facebook page showed that Zeus had been found and returned to Lucia on 5/12/2011.

• Lucia never returned my call.  I did leaving another message to ask her how she felt about the service and the fee she paid.

• The website still lists Zeus as missing 1.5months after the Facebook page says he’s been found.

Lostmydoggie.com is one of many services of it’s kind.  i.e. findtoto.com

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