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Canine Good Citizen…my dog’s not trained, he’ll never pass

Your dog may surprise you; give him a chance.

This link is to the AKC Participant’s Handbook for the CGC program.  It explains each of the 10 stations your dog will go thru during the evaluation.  There is no such thing as failing a CGC, you just don’t pass and depending on the situation, you can either repeat a station or try again another time.

Why would you want to do the Canine Good Citizen test?  The first and main reason is for your protection.  Whether you run into a home or renters insurance company that won’t cover your home or if you ever have to prove to a court or the Animal Control Agency that your dog is not vicious, the CGC certificate shows that you are a responsible guardian of your dog.  And we can never forget bragging rights, your best friend will be the talk of all his dog-park buddies with his new accomplishment under his belt.


More information about the CGC program.

Our next CGC test: July 17, 2011 at Rincon Valley Park in Santa Rosa, email: info@animalrn.com $15 advance registration, $20 day of.

Canines that pass will receive a special CGC Bandana and certificate from Animal RN

After you pass your CGC, show off your accomplishment with a special tag.

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