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Amber alerts for your missing pets

I recently wrote about my first experience receiving a Lost Dog poster by mail, read it here.  I was intrigued as I looked up the information on this service.  What does lost pet alert services do for the standby dog tags or microchipping?  Is it a compliment or will some try to using to replace proper identification?

Some bullet points on LostMyDoggie.com

  • Flyers sent by mail to pet businesses ($40-$60)
  • Phone alert to neighbors ($75)
  • Fees to add on Facebook post to their site ($4.95)
  • Fees to add to the front of their website ($5.95)
How the service has helped in finding pets:
  • Based on the phone alerts, and “seen” reports moved the posted flyers to a different area of town, i.e. 8 miles away.
In doing the research, I found another site that seems to have more traction in the market for lost pet alert services, FindToto.com. 
  • Phone alert to neighbors ($85-875)
  • Estimate tool estimates the number of homes in a 1 mile radius
  • Published success rate of 78% within 48 hours, 68 % after 48 hours
  • Does not currently offer mailings/ call or other notification to pet professionals (i.e. shelters, veterinarians etc)
Both services are DNC (Do Not Call) list exempt.
Many of the users of these services testify to having an important, yet indirect influence on finding their pet.  For example, moving the posted flyers further East, based on sightings.  Many others report the service did not attribute at all to their pet being found.  They would have found them otherwise or they came home on their own.  The service for these folks was more for their peace of mind that the word was getting out and they were doing all they could.
There are numerous other services like these.  Like VHS was to Beta, the ideal situation would be for one service to gain traction.  This would increase the chances of a lost pet and a found pet being matched.
At this point, I can’t see that either site is working with any of the known websites to connect a good samaritan that found a pet with the pet’s family.  The sites have their own pages to post and search, but do not seem to interact or offer posting to the more common sites for lost pets.
Examples of possible collaborations include: petfinder.com, craigslist.com, fidofinder.com, tabbytracker.com, pets911.com, missingpets.com, foundandlostpets.com and thepetrescue.com.
What are your thoughts?  Would you use a lost pet alert service?
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