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Animal Hospice: What if my pet dies at home naturally?

January 24, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the complications of great veterinary care and the option of animal hospice care at home, is the possibility that our pets will die at home, naturally.

On one hand we all wish for that wonderful, peaceful passing. Our pet will close his eyes and never open them again. And then what? It is our responsibility to have these things thought out before they happen, or at least to know who to call.

A good home care plan includes always being a few steps ahead of things. This includes uncomfortable conversations and decisions including:

  • Burial versus Cremation
  • Urn returned to you or not
  • Customized urn or standard
  • Single pet urn or multi pet urn
  • Bury at a home you may not live in forever or bury at a cemetery
  • Do you want a paw print, a nose print, fur clippings, or collars
  • Memorials with cremains (ashes)
  • Who will take him to be cremated
  • Do I need help with a burial
  • Is the body going to smell

These are all important questions. Questions that if not answered in advance will limit your options. There are other important questions around memorializing your pet well and the logistics of a deceased pet. Don’t allow yourself to get surprised by the desired outcome, be prepared. Contact Robyn Kesnow, RVT at Animal RN for a list of questions to consider and bring to your local pet care team for support.


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